...tatsächlich besteht weiterhin eine kleine aber feine Auswahl an NFTs an, 
die Künstler:innen exklusiv für den KULTUR KIOSK gestaltet haben.
Einige sind bereits gelistet und können erworben werden.

Rebecca Dorothy

Rebecca Dorothy is an italian photographer born in Rome in 1993,currently living in Paris. Since her childhood ,she cultivates her passion for photography.In 2014 she moves to Berlin to be able to express better and freely her art, that's where she gets closer to erotic photography. Rebecca Dorothy explores the body and the sensuality in a overwhelming sea of colors, entering into the most intimate and secret moments of lovers, friends and acquaintances. Her pictures tell stories merging between reality and fantasy, love and passion, nude and fashion.

Christa Winter

Christa Winters watercolor series "Icon Aquaplaning" interprets female paintings from the Renaissance in a new way. During this epoch, fundamental changes in the social position of women happend. Many painters of this era, however, did not go along with this devaluation. Leonardo da Vinci's depictions of women in particular overcame this inequality. He painted them present, showing cleavage and skin, allowing them to look directly at the viewer judge. An erotic provocation in its time. His women are depicted as self-confident, formulate a pronounced personality with obstinacy, reason and intellect. You are an equal counterpart to the man. These women are aware of their sensual, beautiful charisma, which is not perceived as a contradiction. This is exactly what my series of works "modern portaits" symbolizes. 

Markus Heller

Markus Heller’s works revolve around archaic contents in contrast to our digitalized world. In „JOURNEY“ the viewer is invited to experience a minimalistic 8-bit-story of a dog who lost its owner. The artist (*1986) lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.


MALMSTEIN is a unique HEAVY META duo. Founded in 2020 in the Swiss Jura mountains, the band exclusively plays cover versions of the unique German heavy me(n)tal delivery service MALMZEIT. FANCY FORMOSA (guitar/beats) and MILKY MATCHA (throat/bass) have quickly gained an international following for faithfully reproducing MALMZEIT's legendary TRASH METAL while raising it to hitherto unheard THRASH levels. Whereas MALMZEIT only play seated and neatly dressed, MALMSTEIN prefer genuine thrash WAR-DROBES and perform STANDING 'til the very last powerchord.

In 2021, MALMSTEIN released their first digital EP HEAVY META: seven mind-blowingly authentic MALMZEIT tunes from the last ten years. HEAVY META offers a BREATHTAKING opportunity to listen to MALMZEIT cult songs on record for the first time – after all, MALMZEIT hardheadedly refuse to put out any records or post their music on streaming services, thus continuing to serve as the world's last live-only band.